5 ways to get more views on YouTube

Views on YouTube increase popularity, open up new monetization opportunities and attract new subscribers. That is why it is so important to monitor this parameter and respond in time. If you just need to increase the indicator, then it is easier to buy views on YouTube in LikesID or on another site that provides the service legally and officially. This is an easy path, but if the channel needs a comprehensive promotion and buy 500 youtube views for $1, then it will take more effort. There are a few basic ways you can get more views on YouTube.

# 1: Working with a video that will help raise views on YouTube

There are non-obvious secrets on how to get more views on YouTube just by editing the video a little. It is clear that the video should be of high quality, interesting, but there are other subtleties that will significantly increase views:

  1. The right miniatures play their part: they should grab attention, but not blend in with the background of YouTube. It is recommended to use blue, orange, green and yellow colors when decorating miniatures. It is worth minimizing black, white and red.
  2. A clear and catchy description. The template has long been used by popular YouTubers, and was invented and implemented by Brian Dean. The description should start with a couple of strong and bright sentences, then supplement it with 150-160 words of the main, more detailed text. In conclusion, it is recommended to provide a few links to other social networks.
  3. Creating playlists will significantly increase views on the channel: the user will watch one video and switch to studying another.
  4. A catchy title that captures the essence of the video. If this is a game channel, then you can use slang, for scientific — highly specialized terms. The target audience should immediately determine that the video was created by a professional who understands the topic.
  5. Screensavers with links to other interesting videos of the channel at the end of the videos. This will increase the session time: YouTube appreciates if the user does not leave the site immediately, but studies the channel for a long time.

It is also worth making it a rule to upload videos at a time when the channel’s audience is most active. This can be determined through programs like vidIQ. The «Card Bridge» technique also yields results. To use it, you need to open «Audience retention» and see when viewers’ interest in the video is falling. At this point, you need to insert a link to other similar content on the side of the video.

# 2: Distribution of the video — the ability to increase views on YouTube

To increase views on YouTube, you need to use all the possibilities, and there are a lot of them on the Internet. The activity of the channel owner or his representative is required. You can use these and other possibilities:

  1. Social networks: publication of videos, links in thematic groups. You can make video announcements, encourage users to share videos.
  2. Forums: Answers to questions with a relevant video attachment.
  3. Search engines are more demanding on YouTube videos. You will need to work with keywords, create a readable transcription of the video.
  4. A personal blog can also be an excellent platform for promoting your YouTube channel.

# 3: Struggle for a place in the TOP search results

YouTube has transparent requirements for a video that will get to the top of the search results: you need more likes and comments. That is why the channel is usually promoted in a comprehensive manner, simultaneously working with likes, views, the number of subscribers and comments. There are several ways to increase your activity in order to get to the top:

  1. Ask viewers to like them, add calls to the description to rate videos more actively.
  2. Asking viewers to share their opinions. It is optimal to ask a question that does not require a detailed answer and you can write «yes» or «no».
  3. It is paid to wind up likes and comments. YouTube doesn’t care if the channel owner bought the reviews or not. The platform sees activity, which will allow you to get to the top of the search results. It is important to use legal, «white» promotion methods. The safest thing is «live» cheating, when the task is performed by real people with an active profile.

# 4: Views on Youtube via Trends and Featured

On the main page of YouTube, videos are posted that may interest a particular user. The selection is created individually, which allows you to significantly increase views. Videos that get a lot of views in the first 48 hours fall into these categories, and popular channels with a large number of subscribers also have a higher chance. They often use paid cheat on a new video, so that later it will fall into these categories and help to further increase views on YouTube.

# 5: Mutual PR and Advertising

There are many options for how to increase views on YouTube 2021. Some are costly, others are time consuming. The choice of promotion method depends on the project, its topic, popularity. The most commonly used methods are:

  1. Using groups and communities within which bloggers help each other get views. This option is suitable for a young project, the owner of which has a lot of free time.
  2. Adding videos or announcements to popular sites, promoted groups. The service will be paid, but you can select a community that matches the theme of the video. If the owner of the group likes the video, then you won’t even have to pay for the publication. It will take the initiative of the channel owner and his ability to find suitable sites.
  3. Advertising through popular bloggers, Google Adsense. This promotion option is suitable for already promoted large projects.
  4. Freelancer services, axle boxes. These are some more paid ways to get views quickly. There is a chance that some of the performers will be interested in the video, but most likely it will be possible to simply raise the views. It is important to be more careful with a new performer or service in order not to get caught by scammers.